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Wine Corker Cruise Kit

Wine Corker Cruise Kit

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Out to Sea

"Hello sir, may I interest you in another drink?" 

"Yes, yes you may." You take the proffered drink and sit back in your chair on the deck to enjoy the view. Ah, this is the life. The beautiful Caribbean sea, the warm breeze ruffling your hair, your best friend and spouse of 25 years sitting by your side, looking oh so lovely. This is what vacations are made of.

Until you reconcile the bill at the end of the cruise. "$597 for alcohol!? Holy sh*t!!!"  You exclaim. "We didn't even drink that much!" 

Alcohol is a major profit center for cruise lines. And while you were enjoying the beautiful scenery, without a care in the world, they just rang up your room tab with each and every drink.

Did you know that most cruise lines allow each passenger to bring up to 2 bottles of wine? Know what else? Almost none of them actually check to see what is really in the wine bottle. :)

This kit allows you to fill your empty wine bottle with hard liquor, re-cork it and shrink wrap seal it.  Then slide your bottle into the Purple Grape wine bag and you are ready to go.  The wine bag has a heavy duty bubble wrap on the inside and a strong poly vinyl outside. 

The reusable opening has two zip lock closures and a fold and Velcro end.  A lot of cruisers take advantage of this 2 bottle rule and by using this kit you can save hundreds off your bar tab by simply bringing your own favorite alcohol with you. Don’t forget your Smuggle Mug flask to drink while exploring the ship.


  • 2 Purple Grape Travel Wine Bags
  • 4 different colored shrink caps
  • 2 corks
  • 1 simple wine corker
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