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BoozeBrella® Umbrella Flask 9 oz

BoozeBrella® Umbrella Flask 9 oz

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One Star Review

This one star review on Amazon was just too good not to share. We’ll let it do the speaking for just how good the BoozeBrella® umbrella flask really is. However, we will add please use our products responsibly.

Here it is unedited as written by Kali P. on Amazon:

“My husband bought the “Umbrella Flask w/ Lid Seal & Speed Pourer,” through Amazon. He thought it was a good investment for him to buy the hidden flask so that no one would suspect of it being a flask which it worked. But since it worked and it is not noticeable he wants to carry it everywhere we go so he can have a drink on hand. I am now very embarrassed to go out in public with him because he looks like an idiot walking around with an umbrella everywhere he goes just because he wants to be drinking and showing it off. I personally dislike the sneaky flask he bought because it make my husband feel the need to take this damn thing everywhere he goes because he says, “It’s not noticeable” and he can get away with drinking anywhere he goes. This product has become an addiction to my husband and I don't know how to stop it. This umbrella flask is not only turning my husband into an alcoholic but tarring my marriage and family apart. If it wasn’t for this hidden umbrella flask my husband wouldn’t have a drinking problem. This umbrella flask has grown on my husband and I now see he has attached himself to this materialistic container. He has chosen to keep his flask and lose his family, friends, and on top of that he neglects that he has a problem. My husband has chosen to keep this umbrella flask rather than listen to what I have to say. This flask has only brought problems into our lives since my husband bought it. My husband has lost everything his job, family, and friends over this stupid damn flask. If it weren't for this stupid “smuggle mug” my family wouldn't be torn apart. I don't recommend to buy this product unless you want to lose your husband or wife to an umbrella flask.”


The BoozeBrella® is disguised as an ordinary umbrella, but inside is 9 glorious ounces your favorite alcohol. Included with every purchase, the no-spill seal ensures that the liquor in your Hidden Flask™ stays put to avoid spilling, leakage, and scent.


  • 9 ounce liquid capacity
  • Looks and feels like a real umbrella
  • Comes with safety lid seals to prevent spilling or leakage
Notice: Not an actual working umbrella
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