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Our Story

Hi, I'm Scott. I'm the inventor and founder of Smuggle Mug. I'm a dental technician by trade and a tinkerer at heart.

It all began a few years ago at a party. There I was with a flask of rum, a six pack of Coke, limes, and my favorite mug. Obviously to make my favorite drink. The problem was simply that it was a lot of stuff to carry around and was cumbersome. I thought "What if I could make a single device that allowed me to bring all these ingredients along, while keeping them separated until time to mix, then mix my drink and drink it with no mess, no fuss, no hassle?" 

That's where the Smuggle Mug was born. Through countless iterations and prototypes I finally developed a 12 oz flask hidden inside a 22 oz drink mug. My problem was solved! My friends all loved the idea and wanted one too. 

Soon my friends were telling me stories of how my mug helped them smuggle booze past security at the concert, fairgrounds, resort, etc. and saved them a ton of money.

It quickly became apparent that the real market demand wasn't just conveniently carrying ingredients for mixed drinks to a house party. The bigger issue was that every event venue marked up drinks by insane amounts. You know what I'm talking about. At the store across the street from the concert beer is $2.50. Inside the venue the exact same beer is $9.00! The same thing happens at resorts, on cruises, fairgrounds, etc. Nobody wants to pay 3-5x the price for their alcohol!

So, I went to work. Smuggle Mug now has many patents and trademarks under our belt and offers a wide selection of flasks that are hidden in plain sight. They won't be noticed in a luggage X-ray machine, bag check, or a security pat down. These secret flasks allow you to walk right in carrying your own favorite drink.

Drink what you want, and save big doing it! Take the party with you!


PS - See that "umbrella" in my hand in front of Disneyland? Yep, that's one of our products. Walked right in with it. Nobody even questioned it at the bag check. 



It should go without say, but we're going to say it anyway: Don't be stupid. Please enjoy our products responsibly.