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ShampBooze II Shampoo Dispensing Cruise Flask

ShampBooze II Shampoo Dispensing Cruise Flask

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A Movie About You.

Scene 1: Heroine puts on her favorite sun dress over her stunning new bikini and heads up the ramp to the ship. She hands her luggage to the cruise employee at the security gate who assures her she’ll find it in her suite at her leisure.

Scene 2: Heroine heads up to the deck and finds an open lounge chair, settles down in the warm sun to finish the last four chapters of her new book as the other passengers board. This isn’t her first cruise. She arrives early, calm, and unhurried.  

Scene 3: Heroine extracts herself from the lounge chair after a blissful couple hours in the warm sun on the deck. She pads down to her suite, finds her luggage there just as promised, and leisurely unpacks her well-organized suitcase. When finished she pours herself a drink from a cleverly designed flask that security never noticed, and sits in the shade of her balcony to watch the ship push away from the dock.

Who needs the drama?


ShampBooze® II allows each cruiser to bring aboard 34 oz of their own alcohol, saving a couple hundred dollars on drinks. The ShampBooze® II holds 17oz of hidden alcohol like the beloved original ShampBooze®, but it also holds 1oz of a diversion shampoo or conditioner. In the unlikely event of a checked luggage inspection, opening the bottle and giving it a squeeze will only reveal real hair product and its scent.

And to lose the drama entirely, we change the label with every manufacturing run, so it never gets flagged by the cruise lines. You’re welcome.

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