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Cooler Flask - 20oz

Cooler Flask - 20oz

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How to tell a great story.

"Remember that time when..." 

Oh boy, here we go. An old friend starts to bust out the hilarious story from years ago when the two of you got in trouble for something or other. Your face goes red as your friends who weren't there roll in laughter as your old buddy recounts the tale. Yet, as the tale goes on you see admiration in their eyes that you actually pulled that off and lived to tell the story. You begin to feel that pride in your chest. "Yes, I did that. That was me."

Great stories all begin with great friends. And alcohol. Alcohol definitely makes for better stories. 

Get your Instagram account ready to document the lore you'll create, because with these cooler flasks all your events will become ground zero for future awesome "Remember that time when..." stories.

Disguised as an ordinary ice pack, the Cooler Flask™ holds up to 20 oz of liquor while keeping your soft drinks, food, and snacks cold. The opaque plastic design makes it ideal for both clear and dark alcohol, so you can enjoy your favorite drinks any time, anywhere. Creating memorable stories is our specialty!


  • 20 oz liquid capacity
  • Saves you $100 each time you use it
  • Discreet re-freezable ice pack design to prevent suspicion
  • Opaque plastic; perfect for hiding both clear and dark alcohol
  • Holds 50% more alcohol than other icebox flasks
  • Food-safe plastic


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