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Christmas Santa’s Stocking Flask 2.25L with hanging clip

Christmas Santa’s Stocking Flask 2.25L with hanging clip

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The Discovery

You wait tense with anticipation late on Christmas Eve. Finally, after what seemed like forever, you hear a noise in the kitchen. He’s here! He’s really here!

You had set out the cookies and egg nog earlier, knowing Santa would come. You silently creep down the hallway in bare feet and carefully peek around the corner into he kitchen. There he is! Santa is in your kitchen!

He takes a bite of the cookie and a sip of the egg nog. Then he goes over to the fridge and pulls out a bottle of rum and pours a bit into the egg nog. “That’s my dad’s!” you think. "Why is Santa sneaking dad’s alcohol?”

Wait, what’s this? Mom is in there too. You were so excited you didn’t notice Mom over by the sink. She smiles at Santa, walks right over to him, and kisses him right on the mouth!

What is going on?!!! Your mind is blown as you sneak back to your room. Even though it’s late sleep is very slow to come on that Christmas Eve.

Now, a much older and wiser you chuckles at the memory. You even own a very cool novelty stocking that you break out for the Christmas parties. You might just refill it and leave it out for ‘Santa’ this Christmas Eve. Better than cookies and egg nog after all.


Santa’s Stocking Flask will make you the life of every Christmas party! Simply fill it up with your favorite beverage, hang it on the mantle or in the kitchen, and dispense! Santa’s Stocking Flask is perfect for wine, mixed drinks, and more! The flask is refillable and can be washed with soap and warm water.

Are you in need of a White Elephant or Secret Santa gift? Looking for the perfect SantaCon or Christmas in July accessory? Look no further than Santa’s Flask! Great for Slap the Bag!

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