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Hidden Flask by Smuggle Mug Dispenses Real Sunscreen Disguised

SunFlask- Sunscreen Dispensing 9 oz Hidden Flask

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Introducing the revolutionary SunFlask by Smuggle Mug - the ultimate solution for discreetly bringing your own alcohol to any venue or event with ease and confidence.

Safely Conceal Your Favorite Spirits: With the all-new SunFlask, smuggling your preferred alcohol has never been simpler or more secure. Each SunFlask features a hidden 9 oz flask cleverly disguised within a diversion compartment that functions as a genuine sunscreen dispenser. Just flip the lid and give the bottle a gentle squeeze, and voila! Sunscreen comes out, fooling anyone who might be curious.

Unparalleled Design and Functionality: Unlocking the secret stash is a breeze. Pop off the lid and unscrew the fake bottle rim to access your smuggled booze discreetly. Each SunFlask set includes two 9 oz bottles, one with 50+ SPF Sport and the other with 30 SPF Faces, so you can switch it up according to your needs. Rest assured that our Patented flask is the first of its kind, offering a seamless and foolproof solution.

Stay One Step Ahead: At Smuggle Mug, we know how important it is to stay ahead of the fun police. That's why we change the bottle and label with every production run, ensuring that your SunFlask remains incognito and undetectable. With its realistic label and bottle design, there's nothing to give it away as anything other than genuine sunscreen.

Unleash the Fun, Share the Experience: With the SunFlask, you'll be equipped to enjoy your favorite libations wherever your adventures take you. Each bottle conceals 9 oz of alcohol, providing a total of 18 oz to keep the good times flowing. Whether you're heading to a concert, sporting event, or any other occasion, the SunFlask is your trusted companion for a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Don't miss out on this game-changing innovation. Order your SunFlask today and surprise a friend with a gift they'll never forget. It's time to take control of your own enjoyment and embrace the freedom to savor your favorite drinks anytime, anywhere!


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