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ShampBooze® Deluxe Cruise Flask Kit - 35.6oz

ShampBooze® Deluxe Cruise Flask Kit - 35.6oz

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6:19 p.m. Lisbon. He’s leaning against the rail, relaxed, watching the sun lower over the city’s pastel colored buildings in one of Europe's most soulful, captivating and picturesque capitals. Looking out over the bow of the ship you marvel at the Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge as it captures the golden rays.

He greets you with a nod (you’re too good of friends to mark this moment with spoken words).

You're both here with your wives to celebrate. He raises his glass, you raise yours, and with a soft clink you both drink to the beautiful scenery. 

The only difference is you mixed your own drink exactly the way you like. And it didn’t cost $19. 


The ShampBooze®, Shampoo Flask™ covertly hides your liquor from suspicious eyes. With its realistic design, security won’t even take a second look while searching through your bags! The two virgin food grade 17 oz plastic bottle look like specialty organic shampoo and conditioner bottles. And to keep things on the down low we change the label with every manufacturing run. 

Users have reported that the average saving on their bar tab was over $180 per set. This bottle is over twice as puncture resistant as rum runner and other flasks and has no seams that could leak. Order a set for you and each of your cruise mates. Also, buy your Smuggle Mug® to carry your liquor all over the cruise so you don’t have to keep going back to your room for a refill.

Our speed filler and safety peel off lid seals make it easy to pour your liquor in without wasting a drop while preventing leakage. Convenient flip top lids make dispensing easy. 


  • 17 oz Shampoo Bottle & 17 oz Conditioner Bottle = 34oz combined
  • Discreet design to prevent suspicion
  • Safety seals included to prevent spilling, leakage and sent
  • New label designs every few months


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