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Hidden Flask by Smuggle Mug Dispenses Real Sunscreen Disguised

SunFlask- Sunscreen Dispensing 9 oz Hidden Flask

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All New SunFlask by Smuggle Mug! Now taking your own alcohol to venues and events is even easier and safer. Each SunFlask has a secret 9 oz flask hidden by a diversion compartment that actually dispenses real sunscreen. Flip the lid and squeeze the bottle and outcomes sunscreen. Pop off the lid and unscrew the fake bottle rim to access your smuggled booze. You get one 9 oz 50+ SPF bottle and one 9 oz 30 SPF bottle. This patent-pending flask is the first of its kind!  Smuggle Mug changes the bottle and label with every production run to keep the fun police guessing. Built-in seal so no need for extra seals.

  • Hides 9oz of alcohol in each bottle totaling 18 oz
  • Dispenses real sunscreen to fool anyone
  • Realistic label and bottle design
  • Nothing to give it away as anything but sunscreen
  • Comes with two 9 oz bottles, one 50+ SPF and one 30 SPF
  • Bottle and label changes with every production run
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