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Shampbooze Deluxe & Sunscreen Flask Combo Set - 40 oz

Shampbooze Deluxe & Sunscreen Flask Combo Set - 40 oz

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Stealing the Scene

Beautiful warm sunny days like this make you simply giddy.

It’s the morning before your cruise departs and you’re just 4 blocks away from Le Marché Café where you’ve heard the Chocolate Croissant and Cappuccino is to die for. You are just loving the sun warming your shoulders in your favorite sun dress.

You turn the corner onto 2nd street and find a P.A. blocking your path. “Quite please, we’re shooting.”

“Fine.” You reply, “but I’m walking.”

You glide through the shot. A producer yells, the P.A. makes himself scarce. The actor you recognize from that one TV show chuckles, amused by your nonchalance.


You raise your sunglasses to the top of your head to find the handsome director (the hotshot new guy everyone in Hollywood is talking about) charging forward.

“I want you in my shot!”

He claps his hands in mid-air like he’s summoning a servant.

“Ugh, good god, these people.” You think to yourself. “I’ve got better things to do today.”

You push through crowd as the director is exclaiming to all within earshot about raw charisma and audaciousness.

You smile to yourself as you continue walking. You always were one to push the rules. 


Being the type to bend the rules, you know you want to enjoy your favorite drinks, just the way you like, without paying the ridiculous prices on board the cruise.

This Cruise Combo is two 17.8 oz bottles – one shampoo and one conditioner – and one 12.8 oz Suncreen flask. That’s a total of 40 oz of your favorite beverages.

This combo will save hundreds on your cruise bar tab! You’re smart, edgy and frugal.

Put items in your check luggage and your alcohol will be waiting for you in your state room.

Your order also includes 6 safety peel off lid seals for your ShampBooze and 3 for your Sunscreen flask plus a speed pourer.


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