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Smuggle Mug Hidden Flask - The Original

Smuggle Mug Hidden Flask - The Original

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Up to Something

“$10.50!? Seriously?” you exclaim. “That’s just beer! Where do they come up with these prices?”

“I know, right? But I’ve got my soda. I’m good.” With a sly smile your buddy tips his mug toward as if giving a toast.

“Yeah, but then you have to carry that thing around all night.”

“It’s worth it.” Another smug smile.

That smile. You swear he’s up to something.


This is the hidden flask that started it all! The Smuggle Mug is for those who want to live life with a little extra kick. This innocent looking mug holds 22 oz in the main mug in addition to a secret 12 oz flask inside that discreetly stores your adult beverage. It's perfect for mixed drinks - keep your mixer in the main mug and your favorite alcohol in the hidden flask. Just blow on the outer rim of the mug to dispense the hidden flask directly into your mug.

As a bonus for purchasing our Hidden Flask, we are including a secret compartment on the bottom of the mug that can hide and store small items like aspirin, keys, jewelry, and more!


  • #1 Trusted Hidden Flask brand
  • 22 oz liquid capacity for the main compartment and 12 oz capacity hidden flask
  • Discreet insulated mug design
  • No markings or labels to reveal its true identity and purpose
  • Great for parties, concerts, sporting events, cruises, and more!

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