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Cruise Combo Pack - Shampbooze and Smuggle Mug

Cruise Combo Pack - Shampbooze and Smuggle Mug

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Saved $400 dollars!

Imagine, this could be you:

"Just came back from a LUXURY cruise with a fame for alcohol restrictions. Used these, saved a ton because my booze went undetected. The labels on bottles intelligently differ from ad. I filled up completely, applied seal and capped well, placed along other shower needs on checked bag, voila, no more alcohol package at $400 for 2 people... highly recommend it."



Take a look at the alcohol packages and prices for most cruise lines and resorts. Go ahead, we dare you.

After you've recovered from the sticker shock, breath, smile, bask in the knowledge that you won't be the one footing that huge bill. Why? Because you're smart, you're here, and we've got just the products to help you have a great time and save a ton of money while doing it.

Our combo pack will save you money the first time you use it. Featuring 35.6 ounces of discreet liquor storage in the shampoo and conditioner bottles, you’ll breeze right through security.  Once you are aboard, fill your Smuggle Mug’s 12 oz flask for cheap drinks as you enjoy your ship.


17.8 ounce Shampoo Bottle

17.8 ounce Conditioner Bottle

12 ounce Mug Flask + 22 oz fillable cup


  • Patented Smuggle Mug
  • Safety Peel Off Lid Seal to Ensure No Leakage
  • Save Money on Liquor
  • New Label Design Every Few Months

A must-have for you and your cruise mates!

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